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 Training Guide

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PostSubject: Training Guide   Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:19 pm

Hello, this is the Training Guide,
Ok, for people who need to know how to train, it is pretty simple. Just follow the following critera and you will do just fine.

The following are instructions for How to Train Recruits:

1. Introduce Yourself - Make the recruits read the green stickies (Tell them your name, and a bit about yourself)

2.Go through Grammer, Respect (Tell them to call officers Sir/Madam)

3.Go through Rules & Regulations (Just Basic rules - Remind that all the other rules - 20 in total - are in the HQ)

4.Go through Direct/Indirect commands/Orders (These are all the commands you will need - Things such as Fill The Front Aka. FTF)

5.Go through the commands themselves (This is where you test the recruits on there knowledge, drill them to proove they understand all the commands - but remember to teach them how on step 4.)

6.Test them on this knowledge (This is a test on there knowledge and how they remember - test the recruits on Rules & Regulations and Grammer)

7.Give advice/Ask For Questions (This is just for any questions the recruits may have - such as "is there pay?" in which cast there is not)

8. Send them back to base. (Give the Command "BTB" aka. Back to Base - NOTE: DO NOT SEND THEM BACK THROUGH TELEPORTER)

The Key to training is on the green stickies, these tell you all the information the recruits need, and for you too test)

Good Luck With Training.
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Training Guide
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